007 Living In Financial Excellence: Saving Money & Finding Bargains

12 May 007 Living In Financial Excellence: Saving Money & Finding Bargains

Episode 7: Saving Money and Finding Bargains, May 12, 2010

Living In Financial Excellence

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Become an expert at finding good bargains when you shop at garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets. Plus, some great websites to help you save money on retail purchases.

Show notes:

– Matt forgot to talk about the Money Smart Financial Makeover Challenge for Sheboygan County residents. Click on the link to see what he didn’t mention and get a chance to win $1,000!

– Matt rants on the recent stock market wild swings and government spending.

– How to get the most out of your garage sale shopping experience.

– What kinds of bargains you can find

– Negotiating etiquette

– Things you should avoid buying at garage sales, including car seats (and why you should avoid them).

– Janelle brought up our favorite charity, the Kayleigh Ali Vascular Anomalies Research Fund.

– Great online resources for finding coupons and freebies.

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