010 Living In Financial Excellence: Young Doctors, Massive Debt

01 Jun 010 Living In Financial Excellence: Young Doctors, Massive Debt

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Episode 10: Young Doctors, Massive Debt, June 2, 2010.

I had to do the old switcheroo this week. Unfortunately as I was preparing to record this week’s episode I came down with a bad cold and didn’t have the voice to record a full episode. So this week’s episode is actually an interview I did for Dr. Daniel Williams’ medical mastermind community a few weeks ago. Although this presentation focuses on medical students, the information applies to anyone who has student loan debt.

I will apologize in advance for the sound quality. Neither of us expected the recording to be as hard to hear as it is since the live show sounded much clearer. Lesson learned – we’ll make it better next time! Ya just gotta turn the player volume and your speaker volume way up.

Show notes:

– Financial Peace University is coming June 15th to Sheboygan. Visit www.oursaviorssheboygan.com under the Financial Peace tab for more details.

– 87% of graduating medical students carry outstanding debt. 79% graduate with over $100,000 in student loans. The average salary for a physician in residency is about $42,000.

– Alternatives to student loans: public service, military, private sponsors and scholarships. Save money on college tuition through scholarships. N2College Consulting specializes in helping you find college scholarships. Visit their website at www.n2college.com.

– When to start your own practice (or own business)

– A ten step process to Financial Freedom.

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  • Paying Back Student Loans
    Posted at 22:53h, 30 June

    The best thing for people wanting to go to education is to do what ever it takes to avoid private student loans. Those types of loans are high in interest and can literally ruin a person’s credit and way a life right off the bat. My 8k in private ballooned due to interest compounded monthly during school to 30k over the years in school. Choose a cheaper college and carefully choose a degree. Fill out the FASFA form and try to get grants to help pay for your education. Don’t waste your time and money on a worthless degree where you won’t be able to get a job when you finish with your studies. Just my 2 cents. ~Jayme