011 Living In Financial Excellence – Things Americans are Living Without

09 Jun 011 Living In Financial Excellence – Things Americans are Living Without

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Episode 11: Things Americans are learning to live without, June 9, 2010.

Lessons learned from the “Great Recession” as it’s being called – what the economic downturn has taught people across America. Most specifically, what people are learning to live without now that the recession has given us all a wake up call.

Show notes:

– Matt references two articles on the show by author Rick Newman published on US News.com entitled How to Gauge your Middle Class Status and 21 Things We’re Learning to Live Without.

– Financial Peace University is coming June 15th to Sheboygan. Visit www.oursaviorssheboygan.com under the Financial Peace tab for more details.

-The average middle class family invests only 3.2% of their income (roughly $2,600 per year) for retirement. I wouldn’t sneeze too much at that number, except that the average middle class family spends $3,000 per year on vacation. Where’s the logic in that? That means the average family is wasting their retirement so they can have fun now. Trouble is the vacation comes and goes. Retirement age comes and stays.

– We talk today about things many Americans are finally learning to live without. The funny thing is some of us have always lived without these things and done just fine. It just took a major recession to get the rest of the country to realize the same thing.

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