014 Financial Excellence – Best Times to Buy “Stuff” and Save

30 Jun 014 Financial Excellence – Best Times to Buy “Stuff” and Save


Living In Financial Excellence

Living In Financial Excellence Episode 14: Best times to buy Stuff and get deep discounts, How much Blow Money you should have in your budget. June 30, 2010.

When is the best time to buy appliances? Airline tickets? Groceries? Today we discuss the best times to buy all kinds of “stuff.” There are off season discounts for a lot of stuff, but sometimes the best time to buy something comes down to the time of day you purchase the item.

Show notes:

– Thanks to all our listeners out there who have given us so much positive feedback on the show, including our friend James Dibben with the Blue Collar Business podcast at bcrn.tv.

– Listener Megen asks a question about the blow money category in the monthly spending plan (budget) and how much we have in our family.

– We cover the best times of the year and even times of the day and week to purchase groceries, airline tickets, hotel rooms, cars, boats, RVs, appliances, electronics, weddings, clothes, jewelry, real estate, vacuums, and much more!

– Matt wrote an article a few months ago on how to save money at restaurants. You can read it at financialexcellence.net/diningdeals.

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