018 Financial Excellence: Avoid Buying New & Avoid Buying Used

28 Jul 018 Financial Excellence: Avoid Buying New & Avoid Buying Used


Living In Financial Excellence Episode 18: Things to avoid buying new (Part 2) Plus things to avoid buying used, July 28, 2010.

There are just some things you are better off buying used, and we covered some of them last week. We finish the discussion today. Most of us make excuses to buy things new instead of used but we poke some holes in those excuses in this episode. Buying used in many cases provides you with like new or near new items at a fraction of the cost of buying new, plus you don’t take the hit on depreciation as the item loses value.

On the other side of the coin there are things you should never buy used and we discuss them today as well. Some of these are for safety reasons, some for health reasons, and some just don’t make sense to spend the money because new is nearly as cheap and are better quality.

Show notes:

– We did a lot of the research for this show on wise bread, a top-rated personal finance blog. As with everything you need to do your research and don’t take everything you read for granted, but there is some good info on their site.

– Special thanks to Brad Dassey of affordableradiovoiceover.com who created some professional intro and outro liners for a very low price. He did a super job and we recommend him to anyone who needs some professional recording done.

– Our cds and dvds are often scratched and unplayable. We found an article that shows how to remove scratches from your cds and dvds. UPDATE: Matt tried the Brasso method and it works rather well!

– Among the things you shouldn’t buy used are child safety items because you never know when something has been recalled. Visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website at www.cpsc.gov or www.recalls.gov to view recent recalls for your household items.

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