023 Financial Excellence: Follow Your Calling & Start a Business

01 Sep 023 Financial Excellence: Follow Your Calling & Start a Business


Living In Financial Excellence

Living In Financial Excellence Episode 23: Following Your Calling, Starting a Business, Pursuing Your Dreams, Sept 1, 2010.

After talking about preparing for a job loss in Episode 21 and job search technique that work in Episode 22, we feel it necessary to pursue the least commonly discussed option: starting your own business and pursuing your passion(s).

Show notes:

– We spent time this weekend with drummer Jeff Jones from one of our favorite bands, Big Daddy Weave (talk about a career that literally rocks). Aside from touring with the band, Jeff has a lot of cool business irons in the fire and they’re all exciting. Check out his website, www.jeffdrummer.com to see how he is following his calling in life.

– What were you put on this earth to do? How are you using your talents to fulfill that calling?

– Knowing yourself is key to being successful in any career path. We mentioned the importance of this last week and again this week. We’ve used the DISC personality profile in helping us lay out specific responsibilities in our business(es).

– I’m teaching a live webinar about the myths of the financial world to raise money for our charity of choice, the Kayleigh Ali Vascular Anomaly Foundation. Class will go live on Tuesday, September 28th at 6:30 pm. The same seminar in down-loadable format is available for purchase on my website for $22.97, but we’re teaching it live via the web for a donation of only $10.

– Last week in Episode 22 I mentioned the career search seminar I created online covering this very topic. You can find it in our online store.

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