029 Financial Excellence: I’m an Idiot, Not a Financial Expert

13 Oct 029 Financial Excellence: I’m an Idiot, Not a Financial Expert


Living In Financial Excellence

Living In Financial Excellence Episode 29: I’m an Idiot, Not a Financial Expert. Oct 13, 2010.

Sometimes people disagree with the message we teach. We talk about the non-believers in today’s show, plus we answer some mailbag questions from a listener.

Show notes:

– I taught some controversial classes during Money Smart Week last Tuesday and Thursday. The information I presented was so controversial that some people not only argued with me but they actually walked out. That’s fine with me because I knew the people that were left in the class were there to learn and were ready to receive the message!

– Listener Terry asks what to do if you have a major emergency before your emergency fund is fully in place.

Matt & Janelle Recording the Financial Excellence Podcast

– We answer another question from Terry about saving money while you are building up your emergency fund.

– When broke people make fun of the way you manage your money, you’re doing something right. What are you doing to make broke people turn up their noses at you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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