035 Financial Excellence: Thanksgiving Special -What We Are Thankful For

24 Nov 035 Financial Excellence: Thanksgiving Special -What We Are Thankful For

Living In Financial Excellence PodcastEpisode 35: Thanksgiving Special – Things we are thankful for, Rent to Own real estate,  Listener feedback. Nov 17, 2010.

Many shows are covering the obvious this Thanksgiving: what people are thankful for, Thanksgiving dinner tips, etc. We just wanted to share some things from the heart that we are truly thankful for this year.

Show notes:Matt & Janelle Recording the Financial Excellence Podcast

– We answer a listener question about whether he and his wife should rent to own a house or simply rent a duplex.

– We talk about all the things we are thankful for over the last few years.

– Janelle gets a little choked up talking about some of the events we’ve experienced recently. I’d share them here but that would cheat you out of the experience of listening to the whole show. (BTW, I was a little teary-eyed too).

– What are you thankful for? Leave a comment below to share – we’d love to know. This show is about more than just us. We want to know what you think too!

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