041 Financial Excellence: Four Elements of a Successful Budget

05 Jan 041 Financial Excellence: Four Elements of a Successful Budget

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Episode 41: Elements of a Successful Budget, Business Budgeting, Credit Card Rewards. Jan 5, 2011.

In this episode we talk about the four elements every budget needs for you to be successful and stick to the spending plan.

Show notes:

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  • Matt has been talking for some time about how credit card rewards actually cost you more money in the long run. Now there’s research that supports his point.
  • Rising gas prices, irregular expenses, seasonal costs, and more throw off most budgets. We teach you how to overcome these issues and make your budget work.
  • We review the four elements of a successful budget
  • Matt covers business budgeting and how to apply the same principles to your small business as an entrepreneur or micropreneur
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