047 Financial Excellence: Live Like a Millionaire, How to Invest & More

16 Feb 047 Financial Excellence: Live Like a Millionaire, How to Invest & More

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Episode 47: Living like a millionaire, Where to invest $7,000, and Do debt management programs work? Feb 16, 2011.

In today’s show we answer some listener questions from the mailbag about investing for the short term and debt management programs. We also discuss how to live like a millionaire or billionaire.

Show notes:

  • Glen writes from Australia asking about a company that manages your bills for you and whether it’s something worth pursuing. Matt offers his thoughts on why these programs don’t work.Matt & Janelle Recording the Financial Excellence Podcast
  • Chris from Nebraska asks where he should invest or save $7,000 for a family member with short-term savings goals.
  • How does the average millionaire or billionaire live? Their lifestyles are more frugal than most.
  • Being content goes a long way. If you are never happy with what you have, you will never have enough to be happy.
  • We referred to an MSN article called “6 Ways to Live Like a Billionaire.” Check out the feedback left by readers. I was surprised at some of the negativity surrounding the article.
  • You can influence what we talk about in future shows. Simply fill out this three minute survey.
  • We mentioned the book The Millionaire Next Door by Dr. Tom Stanley during the show. Here’s a link to the book if you haven’t read it [affiliate link]:


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