095 Financial Excellence: Importance of your Personal Brand in Business

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31 Jan 095 Financial Excellence: Importance of your Personal Brand in Business

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Episode 95: Importance of your Personal Brand in Business, Jan 31, 2012.

I mentioned back in Episode 93 that my show is black or white. You either love my rambling or you hate it. That’s because of my personality. My audience either connects with my personality or it doesn’t. Either way is ok with me because I know I can’t please everyone. I have learned to embrace who I am as my personal brand and use that to connect with my audience. Today’s show is about the importance of understanding your personal brand and how to build your community with that brand.

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Show notes:

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  • Many small business owners make the mistake of portraying themselves as a bigger company than they really are. In today’s market, consumers connect with people, not with businesses. It’s important to let your company reflect your personality so you can attract the customers that connect with who you are, not just what you do.
  • If you’re a service provider, especially if you’re self employed, this show is for you. Others may find the information applicable, but self employed service providers are the target audience for today’s episode.
  • To understand your personal brand, you need to know how and why people connect with you.
  • You also need to learn how to talk about what you do in a way that compels people to want to learn more.
  • Once you know how people connect with you and why, you can identify your target market segment and market only to them, which aligns you with customers/clients that will connect with you and energize you. This results in a happier you, happier customers, and more referrals.
  • Once you know who your target market segment is and how they connect with your personal brand, you can establish yourself as an expert within your niche and that segment.
  • Understanding this process will reduce wasted activity, save you time, and help you be much more successful. Not very many people connect with businesses anymore. They connect with people within those businesses. They will connect with you. You just have to help them connect.
  • I mentioned I’ve been reading the book “Book Yourself Solid” by Michael Port. It’s a fantastic book for self employed people. Check it out:

  • Another great resource for the self employed or entrepreneurs (especially coaches) is my friend Justin Lukasavige’s show Coach Radio. I encourage you to check it out and learn from him.
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