10 Tips to Improve Your Sales Results Today

19 Oct 10 Tips to Improve Your Sales Results Today

10 Tips to Improve Sales

  1. Accurately assess yourself (no excuses, no B.S.)
  2. (or ‘1a’) Make your choices, understand their impact
  3. If you want trust, be trustworthy!
  4. If you’re ashamed that you are a salesperson, it’s probably the wrong product (or career choice)
  5. Talking never replaces doing
  6. Consultants aren’t afraid to speak uncomfortable truths
  7. Take copious notes! Not doing so screams not caring…
  8. Have a recommendation, but create a plan
  9. Ask for referrals
  10. If what you’re doing isn’t working; FIX IT!

Bonus tip:  Do you notice how many of these basics REQUIRE you to listen?  Intentionally, intently focusing on your prospect to get in sync with their needs, desires, pains and dreams is the foundation of being a sales champion.  LISTEN. (Podcast episode #28)

– Guest blogger Howard Sheppard

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