8 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

11 Feb 8 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Save money while travelingTraveling doesn’t have to break your wallet.

There is no better time to start planning vacation destinations than very early in the New Year when snow is still on the ground and the thought of a getaway warms the soul.

My husband and I love to travel and experience new destinations as much as possible.  We have traveled to at least three new destinations each year of our marriage creating many great memories.  Financially, we are able to do that by being smart while we travel and cutting back while on the road.  The following are a few tips that we use consistently while we travel to save money while enjoying ourselves to the fullest.

Stay close to home

It would be great to be able to go to Hawaii, Florida, California or Alaska every year; however, it is extremely costly to travel such distances, especially on a strict budget.  Instead, traveling 2-3 hours away from home in any direction can provide a complete change in scenery, new educational experiences and natural beauty to take in!

One great way to plan your next trip is at service centers along the way to your current destination.  We have found several potential long weekend getaways for the future closer to home than expected.

Bring your own food, snacks and beverages

One way to spend a lot of money while traveling is by eating out!  Many people have determined that on vacation, they shouldn’t be expected to cook or clean.  After all, they are on vacation!  Being frugal, we do not agree with this at all.

While traveling, pack a small cooler with pop, bottled water, snacks*, sandwiches and other finger-foods.  To keep it fun, don’t take items that you eat day-in and day-out.  Spice it up and make it an enjoyable experience!  With a little bit of planning and preparation, there is a substantial amount of money to be saved by avoiding convenient stores or fast food restaurants.

*Watching your waistline?  There are always healthy snacks like carrot sticks, ants on a log, popcorn, grape tomatoes, nuts, grapes, berries, cut up apples or peppers and the like.  These are the best type of snack because they don’t require refrigeration.

Find an affordable hotel that provides breakfast.

I will admit, many hotels we’ve stayed have made very little money off of us because of the great continental breakfasts they provide. We take full advantage of continental breakfasts whenever possible.  If breakfast is not provided, bring some muffins, bagels, fruit or doughnuts to satisfy your appetite in the morning.

Eat out only once a day

With the assortment of delicious snacks prepared for the trip, it is easy to munch on goodies throughout the day.  By doing so, you can limit the number of times you eat out in a day.

I use the word “lunner” to describe how we eat out.  We eat between lunch and dinner (between 1 and 3) while restaurants still have their lunch prices available. By doing so, we get the lunch rates, it great food, and fills us up for the majority of the evening.  This may not work for everyone, but it has worked for us.

Search for free entertainment

When deciding on the location of your next getaway, is Google “Free Things To Do (City, State.)”  On every single trip we’ve made, we have found free or inexpensive (less than $10) activities to keep us busy.  We have gone on scenic walking tours, visited President’s homes, strolled through the most amazing Farmer’s Markets, watched people make yarn out of animal fur, and many other entertaining and educational venues.

Bring a Backpack

It is extremely important to stay hydrated and nourished while traveling.  By carrying a backpack with you, you are able to keep healthy snacks and empty water bottles to fill up at area water fountains.  The flavored water packets are great to throw into the backpack for those who don’t like to drink water by itself.

The backpack is also great for carrying along items such as a wallet or purse, camera, GPS (if you have one, most have a pedestrian mode so you don’t get lost walking in an unfamiliar area,) and for storage if you pick up some pamphlets or find a great homemade gift somewhere in your travels.  We have purchased several unique gifts for people that we’ve found in our travels.  When we give the gifts, there is a story to tell behind them.

Public transit

If flying is required to get to your destination, we have found that public transportation is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be!  We were able to purchase a 1 week unlimited bus pass for $16/person while in Orlando enabling us to see many areas of the city that we would not have been able to travel by foot.  The same was true with Seattle, Miami, Washington D.C., and Gatlinburg!

Have fun!

No matter what may happen on a trip, most important are the lasting memories that are shared with those you love.  Missing a bus, finding out an attraction closed early, or that horrible sunburn that you got because you forgot the sunscreen at home all pales in comparison to the lifelong impressions these experiences burn on your heart.

These simple, effective tips enable us to save enough money to go on 3 or 4 trips a year just by cutting expenses!  I would be interested in learning how you cut expenses while traveling.


  • Jeremy @ Modest Money
    Posted at 21:01h, 12 February

    All very good tips to save money while traveling. Staying close to home is an especially good one. Some people only consider it a vacation when they spend a lot of money on a long flight. Really though, there are lots of places nearby that make for a great day trip or weekend getaway.

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 21:29h, 12 February

      I’m a big fan of day trips. It’s fun to go on a trip in an airplane but it’s so much less expensive to explore local attractions. I think it’s silly to live someplace for years and never know what the area has to offer for entertainment.

  • Savvy Scot
    Posted at 09:55h, 14 February

    The whole ‘stay close to home’ is a big one. My wife and I have been travelling to Thailand, South Africa and are going to South America in summer; when we have not properly toured Europe. We are putting this on our list for 2013!! 🙂

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 11:20h, 14 February

      Agreed. When my wife and I lived in Germany, we made it a point to do as much local traveling as we could because we knew it would be really expensive to go back once we moved away. Now we try to explore and appreciate stuff that’s local to our current home.

  • Taline
    Posted at 14:36h, 15 February

    So true about planning what you will eat before you go. I don’t think it is necessary to eat out because you’re on vacation. Often times you pay too much for the food and it is rather difficult to stick to eating healthy because you don’t always know all the ingredients used to make the food.

    So I think it is not only good for your pocket but for your health as well 🙂

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 21:24h, 15 February

      Totally agree with you Taline. We often take food with us so we can avoid the expense of eating out. That saves us a lot when we travel.

  • Amy Turner
    Posted at 21:38h, 16 February

    We often overlook the home area because we think it is exciting to reach foreign and faraway places for vacation. It is a must to discover first your hometown and vicinity before traveling so you can share the facts with your new friends during your travels abroad. Aside from spending just a little bit, you gain insights different from just reading or hearing stuff about your place.

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  • Bihary Andrea
    Posted at 15:44h, 16 March

    Avoid tourist trap souvenir shops; get off the beaten path to find local goods at costs that have not been inflated for tourists. Look for open markets when available, and don’t be afraid to haggle with the merchants.

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 08:22h, 20 March

      Good Tips Andrea. We went off the beaten path in Italy for a hotel, though, and were scared to go to sleep that night. Learned a lot about the culture on that trip!