After Christmas Deals: Better than Black Friday

26 Dec After Christmas Deals: Better than Black Friday

Christmas Lights

A Better Alternative to Black Friday

I’ve long been an advocate of buying things on sale rather than paying full price. But I’ve also been traditionally standoff-ish about mega sales like Black Friday deals. The crowds are never worth the deals to me. Especially when retailers do gimmicky things like raise prices before the sales, carry a limited quantity of sale items, and only place a select few items on sale to draw you in.

But there is a time when I think you can get good holiday deals. One of my favorite times to shop is the few days before and after Christmas. If you’re patient enough to wait until the last minute (or the minutes after), you can find some incredible deals.

Most retailers want to avoid carrying seasonal items over into the next season. Or any excess inventory, for that matter. So with a few days left before Christmas (or the end of the season), they’ll start discounting items and putting the excess inventory on clearance. It’s a great way to save a lot of money.

For example, my wife and I needed some Christmas lights for our new house. We didn’t want to pay full price when the items were in season so we waited until the day after Christmas to do our Christmas light shopping. We stocked up on five packages of icicle lights at 50% off.

Now, this was something we had budgeted for and had the money setting aside. We had the cash ready and we were looking for something specific. We had to fight some minor crowds and pick through what was left, but we still got a great deal. To me, that’s a success.

Readers, Do you buy seasonal items after the season is over? Are you a plan-and-buy type of person, or are you a buy-whatever-you-find-on-sale type? Is it really a deal when you buy something on sale if you weren’t planning on buying it in the first place?

  • Goldeneer
    Posted at 06:39h, 04 January

    This year I took advantage of after Christmas clearance sales in order to stock up for next year’s decorations. This is a fantastic concept that I haven’t been in a position to take advantage of in the past.

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  • Jules@Faithful with a Few
    Posted at 08:56h, 15 January

    We intend to do this every year, and every year we forget. The following year, we make plans again to do it and fail miserably. I avoid Black Friday crowds as well. It always works better for me to buy things when I see them on sale,I am terrible at planning.

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 12:09h, 15 January

      We’ve had the same struggles. Several years we’ve talked about it but forgot to put money in the budget in December to take advantage of the sales. So we wait until the next year or until we see things go on sale later in the year. Either way, we’re not paying retail price for most things we buy.