Are You a Cheap Date or a Creative Planner?

14 Feb Are You a Cheap Date or a Creative Planner?

How to have a Debt Free Valentines Day.

Written by Matt Wegner
Founder and Lead Counselor, Matt Wegner Financial Coaching,

So many people go overboard each year trying to impress someone or just to keep them “happy” with material things. You see it in ads for weeks leading up to Valentines Day: Don’t settle for an ordinary gift this year! Make this year one to remember! You have to outdo last year at all costs! The problem with this thinking is that outdoing yourself each year usually involves spending more and more money. And if you’re like 70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, you really can’t afford to spend more each year. In fact, many Americans today can’t afford to spend much at all, but they do it anyway.

Where along the way did we become so materialistic? Many years ago our ancestors didn’t spend lavish amounts of money on jewelry, restaurants, clothes, etc. And they certainly didn’t borrow money to spend on those things. I’m pretty sure they were content though. They got along just fine while enjoying the simple things in life.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate your love the simple way this year:

– Go for a walk together. On the beach, along the river, in the woods, through the park – it doesn’t matter where, as long as you’re together. (Guys, you might want to hold hands, too).
– Go ice skating together.
– Snuggle up by the fireplace.
– Make a coupon book for your sweetie. Give them ways to show your love such as tickets redeemable at any time for a back rub or jobs around the house.
– Go to a matinee instead of during prime hours. Or rent a movie.
– Serve him or her breakfast in bed.
– Have a picnic in the park (if it’s warm where you live).
– Take turns reading a book to each other.
– Write poems about your loved one and read them to him or her.
– Go through your wedding album or old photos together.
– Purchase a small box of chocolates or a single rose rather than an entire bouquet.
– Set up a scavenger hunt with clues leading to a candlelight dinner (or any prize of your choosing).

These are just a few ideas but there are many more. With a little creativity you can get back to the basics this year – expressing love for your valentine the old fashioned way.

– Matt Wegner

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