Career Setbacks???

11 Nov Career Setbacks???

Have you been setback in your career?

It happens.

You think you are going in a specific direction.  You’ve even been made promises for a new position…or a new career direction.  The next big promotion…the next big project that will propel you to the next level – it’s just around the corner.

Then…..BAM.  It comes to a grinding halt.

Your boss is fired and someone else has a different vision is now your boss.  The company is purchased by another with a completely different vision.  Your company goes out of business 2 weeks after your promotion.

It can…and it does happen to the best of us.

But…what do you do when it happens?

Panic? Get angry? Beat up the new boss? :)

Try this.  Take a step back…and entertain this thought: This is probably better than what I had planned.

What?  But you had it all planned out!

My experience is that God provides something better than we can create for ourselves.

So how about taking a step back…and wait expectantly to see what God will bring your way?

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