Carnival of Financial Planning 05-04-2012

04 May Carnival of Financial Planning 05-04-2012

Best Personal Financial Planning and Personal Investment Articles this Week from Personal Finance Blogs

Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #235 – May 4, 2012

Welcome to the May 4, 2012 Edition #235 of the Carnival of Financial Planning.

After a loooooong wait, I finally stepped up and agreed to host a blog carnival. This is where we round up the best of the articles around the web and share them with the best readers in the world: The Financial Excellence Community. Actually, the carnival is hosted on a different blog each week and it just happens to be my turn this week. In the middle of a move from Wisconsin to Iowa, I wasn’t sure if I would have time to host the carnival. Lucky for me, I got settled in to my temporary apartment this week and I ended up ok. So here’s the carnival. Enjoy!:

The Carnival of Financial Planning takes a long-term view of personal financial planning for individuals and families. We focus on efficient and sustainable personal financial planning practices that can lead to lifetime financial security.

This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse efficiently.


The Skilled Investor, Editor

Budgeting and Economics

Sean presents Rent, Don’t Buy posted at One Smart Dollar, saying, “Do you have a home project that needs to get done, but a $500 tool is standing in your way? Save your monday and don’t buy it, just rent.

Little House presents Super Duper Simple Book on Money posted at Little House in the Valley, saying, “Alan Akina wants to educate people about finances in a way that makes sense to everyone, not just mathematical geniuses that can calculate the compound interest formula without a calculator. So hes created an e-book about money that anyone can follow, its called Super Duper Simple Book on Money. He breaks down personal finance into five basic principles:

Philip Taylor presents When You Should Not Shop posted at PT Money Personal Finance, saying, “Helps readers to avoid the trap of spending too much money at times when they might be more vulnerable.

Sicorra presents Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily Living Expenses posted at Tackling Our Debt, saying, “If you suddenly find yourself short on cash, implementing some or all of these suggestions could definitely help you get through some rough financial times.”

David presents Wired Wall Street Capital Markets posted at Wall Street History , saying, ” Looking into the workings of modern securities markets is like looking under the hood of a Prius hybrid car. There are so many complex and obscure parts it’s hard to discern what’s going on. History repeats and informs in market technologies. From the days when front-running involved actual running to the “Victorian Internet era” brought on by telegraphy, we can learn a great deal from looking back at a simpler era.”

Dr. Dean presents Food Fraud: What The Heck Is That? posted at Dr. Dean’s Blog, saying, “Food accounts for 30% of most budgets. With the increasing number of imported foods that make it to the grocery shelves and our tables, food substitutions and dilutions are on the rise. Get the facts.”

Financial Planning

Steve presents 5 Smart Things to do With Your Money posted at Money Infant, saying, “Learning to make your money work for you is a good idea for anyone who has suffered from the economy

Aloysa presents Curb Your Spending with Pinterest posted at My Broken Coin, saying, “Yes, you’ve read it right and no, I have not lost my mind. I believe that you can curb your spending with Pinterest. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time now, you know then that I am a shopper and a spender.

FG presents Five Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Getting Financially Destroyed posted at Financial God, saying, “Invest money in precious metals. Even the gold pessimist Jon Nadler recommends that it is wise to store about 10of your net assets in the form of physical, allocated gold. This means gold you hold in direct physical possession, or in vaults overseas.

John presents Finance and investing education  posted at Personal Financial Planning , saying, ” I have reached the conclusion that 99+% of the financial information that is easily available through the media and the Internet is: self-interested and biased, superficial and non-implementable, historical in nature or just current “noise” reporting without any actionable utility, and/or poorly researched, just plain wrong or unmitigated rubbish.”

Kyle presents How to Make $24/Hour Teaching English Classes Online posted at The Penny Hoarder, saying, “If you know how to speak a language, you qualify for this freelance job. There’s a world full of people that are trying to learn how to speak English.

PPlan presents Seven Deadly Sins and how they lead to Financial Disaster posted at Provident Plan, saying, “Learn how the seven deadly sins offer financial guidance.

Shaun presents Ways Your Family Can Invest In Gold posted at Smart Family Finance, saying, “As many world economies continue to stagnate in todays weak global economy. Investors are looking to broaden their portfolio horizons and gold is one investment that is popular.

PFP presents Investment Tax Management  posted at Pasadena Financial Planner , saying, ” As you move your cash, bond, and stock financial assets into lower cost, more broadly diversified investment mutual funds and/or ETFs, you should also consider how to “locate” your investment asset allocation with respect to more optimal taxation.”

SFB presents Are Mortgage Points Worth It? posted at Simple Finance Blog, saying, “Breaking down the numbers to see if mortgage points to secure a lower interest rate on your home loan is really worth it.

Tushar presents Can Fun Money Fit into a Smart Investing Plan? posted at Start Investing Money, saying, “Can Fun Money Fit into a Smart Investing Plan?

Frank presents Passively Managed Funds posted at Individual Investor Strategies, saying, “Short-term mutual fund trading is a zero sum game played against other very well informed mutual fund traders and other securities market traders. On average, higher mutual fund turnover is far more likely to result in lower investment fund performance — instead of superior risk-adjusted performance.”

Roger the Amateur Financier presents Building Up Your Financial Literacy posted at The Amateur Financier, saying, “A brief guide to ways you can increase your financial literacy and understanding in order to optimize your investments and other money-management decisions.

SB presents How to Start with Managing Personal Finance posted at One Cent at a Time, saying, “Most critical and hardest barrier to managing personal finance is getting started. A guide to help you get going with the first few baby steps towards better management of your personal finance.

Bob presents When should I write a will? posted at Christian PF, saying, ” Thinking about and planning for our own mortality is never high on the weekly to-do list. We all like to keep our minds busy with the task at hand and there always seems to be plenty in daily life to occupy us. But writing a will doesnt have to be time-consuming. And, its easier than you probably think…

TSI presents Professional fund manager performance. posted at Skilled Investor Blog , saying, ” If investment mutual fund managers were truly skilled at beating the market, then you would expect mutual fund manager performance prowess to persist over time. Unfortunately, the evidence indicates that superior past professional performance among mutual fund managers tends not to persist. Past superior mutual fund performance is simply not a predictor of future superior mutual fund performance. ”

Daniel presents Things I’d Buy If I Were Rich posted at Sweating the Big Stuff, saying, “It’s fun to daydream about what we’d do with more money than we could ever need. Here’s my list of items I’d like to have if I were in that situation.

Lance presents Five Money Milestones by Age 30 (More Like Your First Real Job) posted at Money Life and More, saying, “While browsing the web I came across this video the other day Five Money Milestones by Age 30. They suggest the five following milestones: Build an Emergency Fund (Six Months of Expenses), Start Planning for Retirement, Manage Your Debt Load, Set a Monthly Budget and Stick to It, Set Yourself Up for Your Future Start Saving Now!


John presents Students with Summer Jobs Shouldnt Forget the Tax Man posted at Wallet Blog, saying, “Students – Looking forward to that summer job? Avoid a nasty surprise in the spring. Don’t forget to take taxes into consideration.

Maria presents Money for all seasons II: income, spending and age profiles and received wisdom posted at The Money Principle, saying, “In brief, I see the expectations of pitfalls in different -seasons- are the following.

Teacher Man presents How to Stand Out in the Scholarship Process posted at My University Money, saying, “Like many other aspects of the transition from high school to university, applying for scholarships is another way it can be easy for students to become overwhelmed and easily discouraged.

Wayne presents Buying the Best Car for Your Money posted at Young Family Finance, saying, “Buying the best car for your money involves considering quality in addition to the sticker price. Find out if you are getting the best car.

Insurance and Risk

Stephen presents Do You REALLY Need Life Insurance? posted at NerdWallet, saying, “The simple truth is not everyone needs life insurance. Weve assembled a short risk assessment guide to help you decide whether life insurance is right for you.

Jeff Rose, CFP presents Life Insurance in Your 30’s posted at Life Insurance by Jeff, saying, “Are you in your 30’s and considering buying life insurance? Here’s some important factors to consider.”

Sarah presents Investment risk and returns posted at Do-It-Yourself Financial Planning , saying, ” When making personal finance and retirement planning decisions, individuals must confront the dilemma that, historically, more conservative portfolio investments have yielded substantially lower investment returns than the returns that riskier investments have delivered. With either lower or higher risk-adjusted market return strategies, you simply cannot have your financial cake and you eat it too.”


Squeezer presents Why investing in dividend paying stocks is a smart move posted at Personal Finance Success, saying, “There are several different ways you can grow your passive income. One method includes investing in dividend paying stocks. Dividends are when a company shares its profit with the shareholders.”

Frank Pinter presents No Load Bond Funds posted at Cheapest Bond Funds, saying, “Investment research overwhelmingly shows that lower cost fixed income funds tend to yield higher bond investing returns.”

Mike Piper presents SIPC: What it Covers and Coverage Limits posted at Oblivious Investor, saying, “Despite the important role it plays, many investors know little about the SIPC and the protection it provides.

TSI presents Mutual funds and Morningstar Ratings posted at The Skilled Investor , saying, ” Individual investors and their advisors appear to make investment decisions that are heavily influenced by the Morningstar Rating system. Because the stars are very widely used and often misunderstood, these are articles to help investors make more rational decisions about the stars. ”

Colin Williams presents Five Ways To Make Money – How To Start Investing posted at humblesavers, saying, “Five simple yet essential steps to clear your mind and to start investing to better your financial security.

TRL presents Real Estate Investing Has Risks posted at The Retired Landlord, saying, “Investing in real estate has its risks and expenses. Find out what you can do to prevent a negative cash flow.

Jack Parker presents NoLoad Index Funds posted at Preferred Investment Funds, saying, “Some mutual funds and ETFs must be better than others, but which ones are they? How can you tell before the fact?”

Martin presents How to Switch Bank Accounts posted at Studenomics, saying, “How you can switch accounts quickly.

Managing Debt

Matt presents Your Debt Free Date posted at Living in Financial Excellence, saying, “Whether you realize it or not, you already have a debt free date. Whether you are already on a plan to pay everything off or you arent even paying attention, you are already on a path to becoming debt free someday. Even if you dont pay extra on your debts, if you stop borrowing money for cars or college or dinner on your credit card you will automatically become debt free.

Ben Feldman presents Know Your Options: The 5 Different Ways to Get Out of Debt posted at ReadyForZeroBlog, saying, “We want to help you understand the five major ways that Americans get out of debt. There are many unreliable and even predatory companies out there that will take advantage of you if youre not careful, so you must do your research and understand how these options work and decide which get-out-of-debt method is right for you.

Ryan presents Understand and Avoiding Student Loan Debt at Retirement Age posted at Early Retirement Investments, saying, “Understand and Avoiding Student Loan Debt at Retirement Age and Why this is a great idea.

KT presents Do You Take an Honest Look at How You Spend Your Money? posted at Personal Finance Journey, saying, “When you see your friends buying nice things such as a new car or a second home, do you automatically think that they have gone deep into debt for the purchase or do you secretly envy them and think they must have come into some money? Do you think, some people have all the luck

Real Estate

Teacher Man presents We Are Officially Media Moguls posted at My University Money, saying, “Hey man, you want to buy a blog? Can we do that? Yah, but our girlfriends will kill us? And just like that, we began the process that ultimately led to us buying a blog that is pretty cool by any metric (maybe even as cool as this one) Young and Thrifty.

Crystal presents Build a Home Series: The Waiting Sucks posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, saying, “Mr. BFS and I have been waiting to hear back about pricing on a bunch of options for our new house, but it takes forever to get information!


Jason presents How to Retire Comfortably: Start With the End in Mind posted at Work Save Live, saying, “I hope you enjoy the 4th post of my Understanding Retirement Planning & Investing series! If youve missed the first three posts be sure to check them out! Everything You Need to Know About a Roth IRA & Why to Start One.

Brock presents Retirement Spreadsheet Software posted at IRA Account Investment, saying, “Whether or not to make investments into “traditional” tax-advantaged employer accounts and IRAs versus investing in “Roth” tax-advantaged employer accounts and personal IRAs is never a straightforward nor simple financial planning decision.”

Ashley presents We Maxed Out Our Roths! posted at Money Talks Coaching, saying, “We are having a good April! Earlier this week I revealed that we refinanced our house.

Franklin presents Traditional IRA Versus Roth IRA  posted at Better Retirement Planning , saying, ” Many taxpayers puzzle over whether to contribute to traditional versus Roth tax-advantaged retirement plans. For most people, contributions to traditional tax-advantaged plans will probably provide a higher net present value over their lifetimes.”


101 Centavos presents Using Cattle Panels to Support Tomato Plants posted at 101 Centavos, saying, “Staking up and supporting tomato plants has got to be one of the more time-consuming pastimes of the home gardener, and there’s plenty of ways to do it.

Liana presents Is the Living Social Credit Card Worth Getting? posted at Card Hub, saying, “Discounts for already discounted goods and services? That’s what the new Living Social Credit Card is offering. But, is this really a deal for the consumer? Let’s take a look.

Sustainable PF presents Recession Gardening to Save Money posted at Sustainable Personal Finance, saying, ” I recently discovered a practice that I’d never heard of before – recession gardening.

TSI presents Hard work determines wealth posted at The Skilled Investor , saying, ” How much you earn, spend, budget, and save are by far the most dominant determinants of your long-term financial well-being. Self-control in your financial decision-making regarding budgeting and consumption is far more important than clever investing. ”

Kevin presents How to Save Money on Vacation posted at Thousandaire, saying, “Use frequent flyer miles, buy your hotel from groupon, and eat cheap foods if you want to save money on your vacation.


Monroe presents Roth IRA Conversions posted at Do-It-Yourself Financial Planning , saying, ” This article could help you to make a more informed decision about your family’s Roth investment strategy. Key to you making a better decision about your lifetime Roth account contribution and asset conversion strategy is the need for a sophisticated financial planning software tool.”

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