Personal finance

20 Apr Myths vs. Truths – The Truth About Your Credit Score

- Exposing the false beliefs of the financial world Myth: You have to have a good credit score to survive life as an adult. Truth: Credit scores are based on debt and you can live without one. A good credit report is important, but a credit score is basically only needed if you borrow money. In fact, you can't have a credit score unless you borrow money. Let's take a look at what determines your FICO score.
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15 Apr Don’t wait for the perfect solution to get started

As many of you know, I recently launched a weekly podcast on my website. I am learning a ton about recording, editing and web publishing, and IDecisions know I still have a ton to learn. I realized my experience over the last few weeks was much like personal finance. I waited for a long time to start because I wanted to have all the pieces in place. I finally realized that no matter how long I waited I was going to make mistakes anyway. So I jumped in and started producing a show, knowing that as I learned I could improve the show. The bottom line was I needed to provide good content that's of use to my audience (you) and the longer I waited, the longer I was withholding information from listeners.
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