Small Business

11 May How I Survived Losing My Job – and Thrived!

Written by Matt Wegner, Founder and Lead Counselor, Matt Wegner Financial Coaching,
Losing a job can be a very scary event in one's life. Nobody wants to go through that situation. No matter how the employer sugar coats the message, you still have a huge range of emotions flooding through your head. Emotions like fear, intimidation, anger, anxiety, bitterness, grief, guilt, you name it - they all hit you at one point or another. Will you be able to provide for your family? Will you find another job? How will you pay the bills? What should you do now?
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15 Apr Don’t wait for the perfect solution to get started

As many of you know, I recently launched a weekly podcast on my website. I am learning a ton about recording, editing and web publishing, and IDecisions know I still have a ton to learn. I realized my experience over the last few weeks was much like personal finance. I waited for a long time to start because I wanted to have all the pieces in place. I finally realized that no matter how long I waited I was going to make mistakes anyway. So I jumped in and started producing a show, knowing that as I learned I could improve the show. The bottom line was I needed to provide good content that's of use to my audience (you) and the longer I waited, the longer I was withholding information from listeners.
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