Are Credit Repair Services Worth it?

20 Sep Are Credit Repair Services Worth it?

If you are struggling with the ramifications a bad credit history or inaccurate credit bureau reports, you may want to consider using the services of a credit repair company to help you remove negative marks from your credit report and start building a road to a higher credit score that more accurately reflects your character. One company that specializes in helping clients do just that is Credit Repair. Today we’ll share a bit about the company to show you what the company can offer those who are seeking to clean up their credit report. For more information on the company you can access reviews online.

What Credit Repair Services do They Offer?

Credit Repair works to help clients raise their credit score by using three different methods for improving their credit record. By tackling credit record issues from all different angles, the company can help people eliminate marks on their record that are keeping their credit score low, resulting in a higher credit score and cleaner record. Here’s how they do it.

Repair Your Credit

First, Credit Repair will help members to resolve both the accurate and inaccurate black marks on their credit history report. The company works with clients to create a customized game plan that will help them meet the goals they set for cleaning up their credit record. Credit Repair then walks clients through each step needed to remove inaccuracies or repair accurate credit black marks as the client determines. The company interacts directly with reporting companies on the client’s behalf.

On average, past clients have seen an average of 7% of their questionable credit report negatives removed from their credit report each and every month.

Monitor Your Credit

Along with helping clients repair their credit, the company provides consistent monthly monitoring of a client’s credit record in order to help ascertain that negative marks are removed as agreed, that more negative remarks don’t appear and that any attempts of credit card fraud by an outside party are caught early.


With the increase in credit card fraud in today’s world, monitoring one’s credit report for potentially fraudulent activity is vitally important. Credit Repair takes the work of monitoring your credit report off of your plate and keeps tabs on potentially fraudulent credit activity for you.

Continue to Improve Your Credit

Credit Repair also helps clients continue to improve their credit and raise their credit scores through the use of the company’s specialized tools and education.  Credit Repair creates a personal dashboard for each and every client, designs a custom score tracker and analysis system, and utilizes mobile apps, texts and email alerts in order to keep clients aware of what is happening with their credit bureau report and credit score on a consistent basis.

Credit Repair works with well-known and trusted partners in the credit score arena such as Bankrate, Lending Tree, Mint and Credit Karma in order to help clients take advantage of every avenue available that will help them make their credit record shine.

If you are seeking to improve your credit score and make yourself a more attractive client for lenders, or if you simply want to take measures to assure your shining credit score isn’t damaged by potential fraud or inaccurate reporting, consider using Credit Repair as a means of improving or protecting your credit record.


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