Do you Manage your Money Like a Bucket or a Pipe?

13 May Do you Manage your Money Like a Bucket or a Pipe?

I’m in the middle of reading Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things by Jay Link, and he said something in the book that really resonated with me. When you think about the [amazon-product align=”right”]1615790152[/amazon-product]things we have and own during our time here in this world, we can either operate our lives as buckets or as pipes. This sounds kind of weird, but when you look at the purposes for each object, it makes perfect sense.

Finances as a Bucket

Don't live life as a bucketA bucket is used to store up things and hang on to them. You might be able to share some things from your bucket but then your bucket won’t be as full. In fact, you’ll know immediately that there’s a void in the bucket and your thoughts switch instantly to filling the bucket back up. Plus, when it comes to sharing what’s in the bucket, most of us wait until the bucket is overflowing. We don’t want to share what’s inside the bucket until we’re sure we have enough. And there’s another problem with a bucket. When a bucket is full and you try to carry it around, some stuff can spill out. When stuff spills out, we try to fill it back up again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Finances as a Pipe

Live life as a pipeWith a pipe, however, you’re not worried about spilling some stuff or keeping it full because the purpose of a pipe isn’t to keep it full. The purpose of a pipe is to let stuff move through the pipe and fill other buckets or transfer to other pipes. A pipe isn’t designed to store anything – pipes that try to store things get stopped up and quit working properly. They’re filled with crud and corrosion that keeps them from functioning as they were designed. When a pipe gets clogged with corrosion it starts to stink and causes a mess, doesn’t it? You have to keep your pipes cleaned out so they can work properly.

Pipes are designed to continuously let materials flow through them. When you use a pipe to transfer materials, you’re not tempted to fill it back up because it’s not designed to be full. It’s designed to be a conduit to direct the flow of material. Buckets store up things for one or two people. Pipes transfer things from one source to many other people so they can be blessed instead of one person enjoying the “stuff”.

Take a good look at your life. How are you living your life with regards to your income, possessions, and wealth? Are you living with a bucket that you are continuously trying to keep full? Or are you acting as a pipe, letting the income, wealth and possessions flow through you and become a blessing for others?

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