Don’t be a Financial Eeyore. Unleash your Inner Tigger!

27 Jun Don’t be a Financial Eeyore. Unleash your Inner Tigger!

Eeyore, Tigger, and your Personal Finances

As a parent of young kids, I’m very familiar with the Winnie the Pooh series of books and movies. I have to admit, the characters are fun and entertaining to follow through their escapades in the Hundred Acre Wood. I’ve noticed over the years that the different personalities of a few characters are almost mirror images of some people I’ve met as a financial counselor.

One of my favorite characters is Eeyore. He makes me laugh every time. Eeyore is always slouching, depressed, lacking in confidence and stressed out by all his problems. When life hands Eeyore lemons, he just accepts the notion that he’ll be eating lemons for a while. In his mind, nobody likes him and he might as well make the best of the misery he lives in.

Are you like Eeyore with your money?

I think a lot of us can relate to Eeyore. Our shoulders droop under the strain of too much debt, overwhelmed by our financial situation. We don’t have any confidence that things can get better than they are today. We say things like, “I’ll never get out of debt,” and “I’ll always have a credit card.” To the Eeyore within us, there is no light at the end of the financial tunnel.

Enter Eeyore’s friend Tigger. Tigger has no boundaries. Tigger is full of energy, always optimistic, never afraid to try something new, and never gives up. You can’t keep Tigger down. When life hands him lemons he just makes some lemonade. Tigger is constantly bouncing around (which is what Tiggers do best) and enjoying every moment of his life.

Be more like Tigger with your Money

You can’t be a Tigger when you’re a financial Eeyore. If you train yourself to think like Tigger, you can start removing those burdens that are weighing you down. Stop accepting the lemons of life and start doing things with them. When you start taking control of your finances step by step, you remove some of that burden on your shoulders. You begin to stand a little straighter and start having more energy.

Before you know it, you’re moving faster through life and your whole outlook changes. When you get rid of those anchors that are holding you down, you free up so much energy and strength in your life. You can’t help but bounce around like Tigger and shouting, “Woohoohoohoo! I’m debt free! Why didn’t I think of thinking of that?!” Now that’s high energy.

If you’re an Eeyore with your financial situation, check out our Podcast Episode 42 where we covered Seven Steps to Eliminate Debt Fast. Getting rid of your debt is the first step in releasing those burdens that keep you feeling like Eeyore. We don’t want you to go through life being a financial Eeyore. Pick your head up, focus on your goals, and unleash the Tigger within you!

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