Financial Link Love 7/21/11

21 Jul Financial Link Love 7/21/11

Sharing the Love, one article at a time

It’s time for some more Link Love, where I share links to some great articles I’ve read recently, and thank those who have linked to my posts as well.

Here are some of the posts I like from around the blogosphere this week:

Tom at Canadian Personal Finance had a good post about How to Build an Emergency Fund

Financial Samurai had an interesting post on the role plays in the real estate market.

Jon shared 5 Must Follow Home Energy Savings Tips for Summer at Free From Broke.

Retire by 40 talked about Living on One Income.

Life and My Finances shared my feelings that Couponing is a Waste of Money – and Time.

Sites that mentioned our posts:

Carnival of Wealth:

Financially Consumed:

Yakezie Carnival 7/10/2011 – Birthday Edition, Part 2 | Money :

5 Must Follow Home Energy Savings Tips for Summer

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