Financial Link Love: 7/30/11

03 Aug Financial Link Love: 7/30/11

Ok, I waited a little too long to get this one out, but I’m hoping you’ll cut me some slack since I was out of town the last two weekends in a row.

Financial Excellence Favorites

Here are some of the posts I liked from around the web:

JT shared some interesting data about some MBA students’ investing knowledge

Afford Anything wrote Should you Use Reason or Emotion? regarding methods for paying off debt.

Ashley detailed her First Craigslist experience and all the drama that went with it.

Suba echoed my thoughts that Big Sale Doesn’t Mean Good Deal.

Sites featuring posts from Financial Excellence:

I wrote a guest post at Faithful with a Few about Owning up to your Situation.

My post on small business tips made the Yakezie Carnival on One Cent at a Time.

The next week I made another Yakezie Carnival at

My post on 0% interest made the Festival of Frugality

Our podcast on what to do when your income drops appeared in the Carnival of Wealth #47 at My Personal Finance Journey

My podcast about Refusing to Participate in the Recession also made the Carnival of Wealth (#49).

Steve Stewart’s guest post about Raising his debit score made the Festival of Frugality #291 at

Our podcast about diversifying your investments made the Carnival of passive investing at

  • Paula @
    Posted at 09:53h, 03 August

    Thanks for including me in your favorites! I love this round-up! The post on MBA students not understanding that they should get the low-fee fund is pretty astounding. And wow, you’ve been published in a lot of places around the web this week!

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 10:27h, 03 August

      Thanks Paula. That’s actually the last few weeks’ worth of carnivals that we were in – I had trouble keeping up with things while I was out of town.

  • Eric @ Debt Snowball Calculator
    Posted at 20:41h, 03 August

    Great posts, thanks for the links Matt!

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 21:13h, 03 August

      You bet Eric!

  • Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey
    Posted at 21:21h, 06 August

    Thanks for mentioning the Carnival of Wealth that I hosted!