Food Stamp Geniuses!

11 Mar Food Stamp Geniuses!

I read an article in our local newspaper the other day where six people were arrested and charged due to food stamp card fraud in Wilkinson County. There was an ongoing operation where two stores were cashing out food stamp cards for cash to the cardholders in exchange for a split of the transactions.

Apparently, undercover agents were going in these stores and making the transactions and watching these stores profit. It turns out that the investigators seized over $250,000 in cash from the business operations.

You know, I got to hand to them. These guys had the right intentions. They saw an opportunity to generate additional income by providing a unique service that was wanted, and that people were willing to pay for. It can’t get any better than that! The only problem was that it was morally and ethically wrong, and not to mention against the law. So, now they’re facing charges as a result.

Had they decided to devote that creative energy of producing revenue into something positive, more meaningful, fulfilling, and yes legal, they could have made out with a real profitable business. There are many ideas that can produce and generate revenue. Sometimes, we just have to put our minds to work.

We all live through our choices. We can reap rewards and we can suffer consequences. We all have awesome creative energy waiting to be triggered at every given moment. What are you doing with it? What do you choose to do with it? Take time to understand your values, your strengths, who you are and what do you ultimately want and believe in, but also take the time to understand your risks.

Such as; can this endeavor put me in jail, and am I willing to take it that far!

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