Friday Frugal Tips – Gillette Fusion

26 Feb Friday Frugal Tips – Gillette Fusion

Gillette Fusion

Welcome back for another Friday Frugal Tips day. Today we are going to look at a simple way to reduce the expense of purchasing Gillette Fusion razors. These might just be the single largest expense that a man faces while trying to “look good.”

Every man is different when it comes to facial hair. I couldn’t grow a mustache or a beard to save my life, but many men can. Every man is also different when it comes to removing all that facial hair. I like using the Gillette Fusion razor. I’ve tried other brands but nothing allows me to shave as quickly and accurately as the Fusion. Gillette also has one of the coolest forms of marketing for young men. At the age of 16, the company sends out a free shaving kit to young men in hopes of developing their band. Gillette remains the number one seller of men’s grooming products.

The Gillette Fusion is a great razor, but unfortunately that greatness comes at a price. The Fusion along with 2 razors cost around $9. If you buy the razor refills it will cost at least $15 for 4 and $26 for 8. Being the Frugalisto, I’ve been buying a new Fusion with 2 razors for $1 or less for the past 2 years. $0.50 per razor is much better than $3.25 per razor if I was to purchase the 8 pack refill kit.

The Process
Here’s the simple process I use to purchase my Gillette Fusion razors. At least once per month there is a coupon in the Sunday paper for $4.00 off the Fusion with 2 razors. I cut the coupon out and then look for the Walgreens and CVS ads. Every month these two drug stores run promotions for the Fusion. I hold onto my coupon until I find the sale. This can take a week or two, so be patient. The sale typically gives you REWARD dollars to use the next time you are in the store.

Tricks of the Trade
I don’t play the drug store rewards game, but I do use it in this case. The ad will look like the one above $8.99 – $4.00 (rewards cash) = $4.99. Now you take your coupon to the store and use it make your first purchase. If you are not a member of the store’s club then you can sign up at the counter. The $4.00 coupon will make the price $4.99 and a total of $4.00 will be added to your rewards card. The next time you need a razor take the coupon into the store along with your rewards card. After the cashier is finished ringing up the razors, the coupon, and your rewards cash you get the razor for $0.99. The trick is to purchase only at the time the sale is going on. If you pay the extra $4.00 the first time, each time after that they’ll put $4.00 on the rewards card and you’ll get the razor for $0.99. If you do play the reward games at these stores, you’ll probably have extra money on the card so the Fusion will be FREE.

The Cost
We’ve already talked about the cost above, but as everyone knows I love to chart it out for the year.

$12 a year for razors is awesome. As I stated before, all men are different. I’m able to use only two razors per month. Other men go through 2 razors a week. It’s ok though, you just need to ask friends and family for their coupons. As long as you make separate transactions, the drug stores will allow you to keep using the rewards offered on their card.

Good luck everyone!!

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