Frugal Friday Tips – 10 for 10

05 Mar Frugal Friday Tips – 10 for 10

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Today we’re going to look at the 10 for $10 sales that most grocery stores offer at different times of the month. My store of choice is Kroger. Kroger offers 10 for $10 on 2 items that my family cannot live without. Noodles and Spaghetti sauce. Dave Ramsey says that you need to live on rice and beans, beans and rice while blasting away debt. My family loves rice (we buy 20lbs bags), but also loves noodles. I could start calling my kids Noodle #1 and Noodle #2, but that might damage them for life. I just don’t know where they got the noodle gene “Noodle Boy

The Cost
The normal price for a box of noodles is $1.79. The brand of noodle doesn’t really matter to us. Kroger rotates the brands from month to month so we’re not picky. The spaghetti sauce for some reason is always the same, Hunts. Yes it comes from a can and not jar, you can’t be a snob when getting out of debt. The typical everyday price of the spag is $1.79 for the 22oz large size. My kids consume an average of 3-5 boxes per week of the noodles, and as a family we consumer 7-10 cans of spaghetti a month.

Tips and Tricks
As with all sales, you need to wait until the store has the sale before you can use it. Kroger has the sale every month so we purchase a months worth of food at that time. It is a good idea to watch the sale papers at your local store and take note of the items. These items usally have a coupon you can find for them. Hunts has coupons for the spaghetti sauce every once in a while. Using the coupon will bring the price down even more. Prince has coupons as well so we always clip and use them to save on the noodles.

I hope to continue to find other ways like this to save money on our everyday purchases. Using the 10 for 10 sales will save us over $280 this year on food we were already going to purchase. I sure hope I can get the kids to like other foods, but for now they are part of my Noodle Crew :-)

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