Getting Our of Your Rut

02 Nov Getting Our of Your Rut

If you are like me and have been in business for any amount of time you have probably ridden the highs and lows that come with owning a business. There are times when it seems that there is more work and income than we can handle. We’re meeting new clients, old clients are calling us for our services, and the referral engine is cranking along.

Life is good!

We’re making money, doing what we love, and providing for our families.

But, what happens when the new clients slow down, we’re not hearing from our previous clients, and the referral engine, well we need a new engine.

If you are experiencing this in your business these three simple ideas done daily will get you moving again in the direction you need to go.

  1. Take a walk, ride a bike, exercise! It’s time to get out and clear your mind away from the office, family, and other stresses. Take a brisk 20-30 minute activity break to help get the creative juices flowing again. For me many of my ideas come when I’m out on my early morning bike rides before most of my town is awake. I just ride clearing my mind and allowing new ideas to start filtering in. I carry an audio recorder with me for those times when something good comes up. You don’t want to forget so record it and continue on with you activity.
  2. Turn OFF your computer. In this day and age when everything we need is at our fingertips there is something about being more than just the guy or gal behind an email, tweet (Twitter), or what’s on your mind (Facebook)? Make it a point every day to spend 1-2 hours engaging new and past clients either by phone or in person. I can already hear you saying, “That wastes a lot of time driving around”. Yes, it might take some time, but the results will surprise you.Recently I was going through a dry spell with one of my main accounts. I hadn’t been there in some time because “I was busy” on my computer. What I’ve told you to do I did. Over the next week my call volume from them doubled. There was no magic solution, it was just me getting out there and seeing how they were doing.
  3. Spruce up your business. When was the last time you made changes to your website? Does your service vehicle need new lettering? Could your wardrobe benefit from a trip to the mall?

The last thing on your mind when it is slow is spending money on things that have been working for some time. But, this is the time to make some changes that catch client’s attention. Not sure what to upgrade? Seek out 3-5 individuals who will be honest with you about ways you can spruce up your business. Pick one that will have the most impact in the short term and then continue making these changes as your business picks up.

In my business the change I had to make was my wardrobe. It was tired and old and the impression I was giving was of a business that was languishing. I went out and purchased new polo shirts, had them embroidered, and the results have impacted my business. The new look has given me a look of authority.

Don’t hesitate any longer, making these 3 simple changes to your business will get new ideas that you can develop, secure new business by turning off your computer, and let you best shine.

For more than 7 years, Tony DiLorenzo has owned The Dent Dude, San Diego’s Finest Paintless Dent Repair Company. In the past year he has launched ONE with his wife Alisa and together they have written a book Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy. They also have a weekly podcast where they share about life, love, and the pursuit of intimacy. His newest project Fit Marriage will be launching in January 2011.
Tony has two kids and is an avid road cyclist.

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