Good Bosses and Bad Bosses

25 Nov Good Bosses and Bad Bosses

Good bosses and bad bosses. We’ve all had them.

Stop and think for a moment and answer this question.

Who has been your best boss?

Think of the things you liked about him/her. Was he – supportive? encouraging? challenging? Did he help you bring out your best?

Or…was he on the ‘other side of the fence’. Maybe he focused on every little thing you did wrong. Performance evaluations were an opportunity to hammer you for all your weaknesses…and emphasize them as ‘areas of opportunity’.

Honestly, I think I’ve had the world’s best and worst bosses in my career. Here’s what I’ve learned that I need from a boss:

*Opportunity for growth

Maybe your list is different. Maybe it’s not. Regardless…we all need good bosses to perform optimally.

Is it time to change bosses? :)

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