Happy New Year!

01 Jan Happy New Year!

Thank you…

for making 2008 a memorable year. We have had an absolute blast being a part of your lives over the last year and we look forward to the year(s) to come.As you prepare for the new year, I encourage you to look even farther out when you set your goals. Now is the time to be working toward the results you want in 2010. Do you want to be debt free in 18 months? Make the behavioral changes in 2009 that will get you there in 2010. Do you want to be 30 pounds lighter in 2010? Change your dietary and exercise habits now. If you feel frustrated or overwhelmed with your financial or career situation, don’t wait until it’s too late to change. Take charge of the situation while you still have the opportunity to be in charge!

Whatever your goals or situation in life, may 2009 be a year filled with inspiration, hope and Living In Financial Excellence!

– Matt Wegner

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