How to Stay at the Top of Your Prospects’ Minds

12 Oct How to Stay at the Top of Your Prospects’ Minds

I was in the middle of a phone conversation the other day when we experienced a bad connection due to a poor wireless signal. We immediately started fumbling through the ritual of “Can you hear me now?” back and forth until we decided to hang up. Immediately in my mind was the Verizon commercials where the guy in glasses walks around saying “Can you hear me now?” Instinctively I wondered if the person on the other end of my call had Verizon (I know I don’t) and if this situation could have been avoided by either of us using their service.

What Verizon succeed in doing was TOMA. They created Top of Mind Awareness for me. Other companies do this too. Credit card commercials, Superbowl commercials, ad campaigns all over the place bombard you with the message that their product is the best, and when you see either their unique message or the same message over and over and over again, their brand is the freshest in your mind.

But most business owners don’t have the billion dollar marketing and advertising budgets to compete with these companies. That’s ok, because you don’t need billions of dollars to create TOMA. In fact, you can do it for very little.

You can create TOMA by doing something different. Send a hand written note or card to a client or prospect. Call them out of the blue or on their birthday. Create a regular newsletter to send to your audience. Write blog articles. Connect with them via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever social media platform they prefer to use. Make every effort to serve your audience with every piece of information you share with them.

Perhaps most importantly don’t spam them – don’t sell to them more than 25% of the time, and even that is pushing it. Anything more than that will turn them off to you and you’ll never do business with them again. You want to connect with your audience and build trust over time. If you do this consistently and often enough you will have TOMA, where they are always thinking about you or your products. And they might just be willing to refer their friends to you – now that’s when you know you’re doing things right.

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