How We Get Into Debt, and How to Get Out of Debt

07 Jul How We Get Into Debt, and How to Get Out of Debt

The other day I had the privilege of appearing as a guest on the Intelligent Investing with Pamela Otten radio show. During the show Pam asked my opinion about the ways people get into debt. She also asked me to share how they can get out of debt. These are two very broad questions that are very relevant to lots of people today. I answered them as candidly as I possibly could in an effort to provide advice people can act on immediately.

I had a lot of fun on the show, as I always do. Pam is a very gracious host and recently was a guest on our podcast as well. Check out her website at and be sure to visit her radio show at

You can listen in to the show here:

[wpaudio url="" text="How to Beat Down & Conquer Debt - Intelligent Investing with Pamela Otten" dl="0"]

What do you think? Did I cover all the ways to conquer debt? Was there anything I missed?

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