I’m No Guru

26 Oct I’m No Guru

I'm no GuruContent is everywhere.

So-called “experts” are everywhere.

How do you know who’s worthy of your precious time and money?

I know that just about any type of information can be found on Google for free. Heck, we’ve all gone that route for information, research, etc.

Why, then, is all this free information rarely enough to get us to change our behavior and take action? Because if information alone was enough, we would all be rich, passionate, fulfilled and content. If you’re intelligent enough to read this, you know that is most certainly not the case.

As much as we talk about the power of Social Media and Like buttons and Twitter lists; we’re working harder than ever to actually connect with one another on meaningful, personal levels. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a part of those circles as well, but where so many web ‘gurus’ get it wrong is they don’t understand people. They don’t deal with enough folks in a NON virtual setting to really understand emotions and the role they play in the sales process.

The problem is that while it’s easier than ever to CONNECT with people, it’s harder than ever to nurture all of these relationships into something meaningful like a tribe or a community.

“MAKE BIG PROFITS WITH NO SELLING” the headlines scream at us. Do people really believe that? Some do, unfortunately. That snake oil, in and of itself, is the problem.

Why are people so afraid of/repulsed by selling? Is it because they’ve dealt with salespeople that were dishonest? We all have. People in general can have problems with dishonesty. Does that mean that we’ll stop interacting with the human race? No! It just means that we do our best to not be part of the problem, right?

So what if I told you that I can show you how to sell without being a stereotypical salesperson? Would you believe me? Perhaps I need a fancy title like the UN-salesperson or the People-Whisperer…

When you deal with intangibles, you focus on the end-result. I have yet to see 8,000 Twitter followers replace a look in the eye, or the honest connection of a handshake; and neither have you.

I’m not a guru, ninja, wizard or guitar hero. I’m a sales coach and I help real people. Real people who spend real money.

The question is, are they spending it with you?

Guest blogger Howard Sheppard

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