Is Your Job Killing You??

02 Dec Is Your Job Killing You??

Is your job killing you?

It’s a tough time to get a new job…there’s no doubt.

But…it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

A friend and client made a big move a few weeks ago. He left a 24 year career with a major corporation. He had all the ‘trappings’ of success in that job (big salary, big bonus, big 401k). But…he wasn’t happy.

He wrestled w/ it for a while…should he really leave something w/ that much salary? Would it be irresponsible to his family if he took a ‘step down’ in salary? Would he be able to find a job in this ‘down’ economy.

But…it was killing him. Literally. He had to take a leave of absence for health reasons.

He decided to make the change. He finally committed to the career coaching process…worked through it over 3 months…then put his ‘transition plan’ together.

He didn’t know how it would turn out…he really didn’t. But…he prayed…and took the leap of faith…resigning his job.

In almost no time…his hard work in the career coaching process and his outstanding networking skills paid off. He made a major change to a much better position. And…his base salary stayed the same (he didn’t even have to ‘step down’ in salary?)

If he can make such a positive move in such a ‘down’ economy, why can’t you.

Is it time for you to make that change?

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