It is Impossible for You to Succeed

20 Sep It is Impossible for You to Succeed

A few days ago I had the opportunity to listen to a lot of great motivational speakers a few days ago and I learned something very profound from Dr. Robert Schuller. Today I’d like to share a combination of his thoughts and my inspirations from his thoughts.

Years ago we were taught to use the word impossible to our advantage in order to save time and effort. It became convenient to use impossible to avoid working hard to push yourself. Why strive to achieve something that’s impossible? That’s a waste of time! Focus on only the things you know you can accomplish. It will save you the embarrassment of defeat and failure.

Unfortunately that way of thinking has led to a society where underachievement is the norm. Get up, go to work, punch the time clock and go home to watch unreality tv and dream about how life could be better. We then watch professional sports and witness the most dedicated, hard working, disciplined people in the world succeed while we wish we could have that kind of “talent”. The problem is we never sit back to look at the countless hours of studying, working, training, and exercising that these people put in to be successful.

So how do you reach success?

  • Dreams will only come true when you make them come true. Don’t wait for life to happen to you.
  • Cut the word IMPOSSIBLE out of your life.
  • If you HAVE to use that word, use it with the correct adjectives, like “It’s impossible unless” or “it will be possible when
  • Set impossible goals for yourself and never quit until you reach them.
  • Start each day with an attitude of success.
  • Put God at the center of your life. With God, nothing is impossible.
  • Remember that anything is possible. There are just some things that haven’t been accomplished yet.
  • Never hope to have a great day. MAKE it a great day!

Until recently it was impossible to sail around the world. It was impossible for man to set foot on the moon. It was impossible to have light at the flick of a switch. It was impossible to break the sound barrier. It was impossible to communicate via electrical signals traveling through wire. It was impossible to have a phone that you didn’t need to plug into the wall. All of these things were impossible until someone came along and believed they were possible.

The question of whether you will succeed depends on you and how you look at the situations in your life. What do you think? Is anything possible or is everything impossible? It is truly impossible for you to succeed… Unless you believe otherwise.

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