I’ve Finally Matured with my Money!

financial maturity

23 Apr I’ve Finally Matured with my Money!

Reaching Financial Maturity

In the medical world, the word mature means being fully grown or developed. I have often used that definition to describe my personal financial growth. When I was younger I was not very financially mature. I bought on impulse. I used loans to get things I wanted without waiting. I made decisions for the short term with little regard for long term goals. I even thought a thousand dollars was a lot of money (boy does that make me laugh now!).

Now that I’m older and (supposed to be) wiser, I make completely different decisions with my money. I often delay the gratification of having something right away so I can use my money for something that will happen in the distant future. I rarely buy anything on impulse because I (most of the time) have a plan for every paycheck before it even hits my bank account.

I even make giving and saving for retirement a priority. I’ve always known they should be priorities in my life but I never followed through and actually made them priorities. Sure I saved some and invested some, but not as much as I needed or as early as I should have.

I do still think a thousand dollars is a lot of money, but the context has changed a little. I think spending a thousand dollars is a lot to spend on anything, and I value situations where I don’t have to spend that much money. On the other hand, I recognize that a thousand dollars doesn’t go very far when you’ve got big ticket items to pay for, like house repairs, car repairs, college expenses, medical expenses, retirement and more. So I make sure I have much more than just a thousand dollars sitting in bank and investment accounts for those types of things.

The point is that as I’ve aged, I’ve become more responsible with my money. I’ve reached a certain level of financial maturity. It’s not fun to do the responsible thing all the time. But it sure is fun to reap the rewards of being responsible. I guess it just means I’ve grown up a little.

Have your behaviors with money changed as you got older? What do you do differently now?

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