Just Because it is On Sale Doesn’t Mean it is a Deal

02 Apr Just Because it is On Sale Doesn’t Mean it is a Deal

price check itemsJust Because it is On Sale Doesn’t Mean it is a Deal!

Since today is Memorial Day, there are tons of sales going on whether it is online or at a brick and mortar store. While there can be some great deals to be had, you should also realize that just because it is on sale, it doesn’t mean that it is a deal. It pays to be an informed consumer so that you actually do get a good deal.

The Retail Tricks of the Trade

Often times when you go into a retail store like Kohl’s, they will have a price tag with the full MSRP Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) and the store has a sale where it is 20% off. So let’s say they that you see a pair of shoes for $50 MSRP with the 20% off it would be $40 plus tax. Seems like a great deal right? But then you pull out your phone and check the lowest new price on Amazon.com and those exact same shoes are $30.00 with free shipping. You don’t even have to leave your house  and you are getting a better deal online.

The Solution is to Price Check Items

If you are making a purchase over $20, then you should consider price checking it online first. You can download the Amazon shopping app for either the Android or iPhone for free. There is also another application called Shop Savvy where you can scan a bar-code and it will tell you where to find the best deal, either online or at a local store.

Have you ever received a better deal just because you price checked the item at a competitor?

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