Learn How to Coupon at CVS – Roll Your Extrabucks

12 Jun Learn How to Coupon at CVS – Roll Your Extrabucks

CVS is one of my favorite places to shop at for freebies and awesome bargains. It takes a little of time to learn how, but once you master CVS, it will be a breeze! Below are step by step instructions on how to save the most money at CVS!

1) Get an Extra Care Card. You can do this at the front counter or online. **It is quicker to get your card in the store since they will give you one immediately.

2) Understand what Extrabucks are

EBs stand for Extrabucks. They are basically an instant rebate that prints out on your receipt. You can use your EBs towards your next transaction. Don’t lose your EBs because they are like cash! EBs have expiration dates. Pay attention to the dates! If you let them expire, you are throwing away money.

Once you accumulate EBs, put them towards other items that total your EB amount. This will minimize your out of pocket spending. Preferably, put your EBs towards purchases that will yield more EBs. That way you can roll them from one transaction to the next further – minimizing out of pocket spending!

3) Understand what a moneymaker is.

A moneymaker is an item which is more than free. If you have a coupon to put towards an item that is already giving you back EBs, and you spend less money than you earn in EBs than it is a moneymaker!

4) Understand how to maximize multiple transactions.

Multiple transactions are sometimes a necessity to avoid money out of pocket.

Example: If you have $10 EBs from the previous transaction and you want to buy $10.00 in Dove products (which will give you $5 EBs) and $5 worth in nailpolish,

split your transaction into two.

Transaction 1 – buy the Dove products. Use your $10 EBs, pay only taxand receive $5 EBs back.

THEN, in your second transaction, buy the $5 nailpolish you need, give your $5 EBs that you just earned, pay only tax. This means you got all these items FREE!

Having two transactions just saved you $5.00. You could have bought the Dove and nailpolish together – you would have used your $10 ECBs and spent $5.00. 

Instead, you broke your transaction into two and paid only tax on both transactions!

5) Use coupons at CVS!! CVS is very coupon friendly. They will allow you to use a CVS store coupon and a manufacturer coupon and EBs on just one item!

6) Use the coupon center in CVS stores. They are the red kiosks you can swipe your CVS card under. When you swipe your card, coupons will print out!

7) Use your Reusable bag, and get a .99 cent Leaf Tag (allowed once per day usage and its linked to your loyalty card) After every 4 trips a $1 EB will print at the end of your receipt. (CVS pays you 25 cents every time you use your reusable bag)

8) Order of coupons to hand cashier:

store and manufacturer coupons, ECBs and then your cash.



This week I will be stocking up on Bounty Paper towel – I have $9 extra bucks from last week and 3 – $1 off Bounty Coupons 

the deal: 

Get $10 Extrabucks when you spend $30 on select P&G products. 

–> 12 pk of Bounty is $9.99  X 3 = 29.97 (I’ll still need .03 cents for the deal)

—> 1 box of Puffs tissue for .99 cents 

Total: $30.96

(minus $3) I have 3 /$1 off  a 6 pk or higher bounty coupons 

= $27.96

minus $9 Extrabucks

New total out of pocket: $18.96

I will get $10 Extra Bucks making this transaction $8.96 plus tax

I will get 36 rolls of paper towel and 1 box of tissue for $8.96

These are this Weeks CVS Deals for those of you who want to try to earn some extrabucks – drugstores are a great place to start testing your couponing skills.






  • Pacific financial planners
    Posted at 06:53h, 16 July

    Coupons are surely one of those effective ways to save money. I don’t believe at it first but when I tried it, I surely saved a lot.

    • cristina perez
      Posted at 09:23h, 23 September

      My fav items to purchase at cvs are paper products, toothbrushes, razors & shaving products, toothpaste, feminine products – Don’t forget to scan your extra care card at the coupon center machine.

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