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29 Feb Living Healthy


A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Your Pocketbook

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As we start the New Year, how many of us are resolving to live healthier? A healthier lifestyle may have more than just health benefits. In fact, it can be better for your wallet as well. Here’s how:

* Losing a few pounds can save you money on life, health and disability insurance. Some insurance companies will offer discounted rates for a healthy height to weight ratio (some use your body mass index, or BMI). As an example, my life insurance premiums will drop in half if I am able to reach and maintain the weight I was just a few years ago. Suddenly getting back into shape seems much more appealing!

* Kicking the nicotine habit can save you money in more than one way. Not only will you save in the cost of your tobacco, but if you’re a Wisconsin resident you can avoid the additional nicotine tax that took effect this year. Plus, non-smokers often get better rates on health, life, and disability insurance.

* Resolving to exercise regularly can improve your financial situation as well. How? Regular exercise reduces stress levels. Stress can be a strain on the budget in several ways. It can cause weight gain, which leads to the higher insurance premiums mentioned above. It can result in dental problems from grinding teeth at night. Stress also reduces productivity at work, which has a longer-term financial impact in the form of fewer raises and promotions. Finally, exercise helps boost energy and self-confidence levels. More energy and higher confidence ward off depression and moodiness, which help improve productivity levels at work and home.

Knowing the financial impact of living healthy makes it all the more appealing. It’s time to revamp the diet and schedule in some exercise time. Financial health takes the same discipline as physical health. Is it just coincidence that the two go hand in hand? I’d say the two compliment each other rather well for a reason.

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