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14 May Living In Financial Excellence Live?

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To Be, or Not to Be (Live)

In recording episode 59 of the Living In Financial Excellence Podcast, Janelle mentioned that maybe we should do a live show. When I perked up at the idea, she backtracked a bit. Janelle is scared to death of doing a live show but I think it would be fun. That shows the difference in our personalities. I’m the risk-taker and visionary, and she’s the steady, step-by-step behind the scenes supporter. (We know this thanks to our DISC Personality Profiles.) In fact, I count it as a small miracle that Janelle even agreed to do the show with me. And believe me, I am so thankful she did. The show wouldn’t be what it is without her!

So, I wanted to ask our audience what you think. Should we do a live show?

Here are the benefits of a live show:

  • You get to watch us make mistakes (not that there would be any)
  • We’ll have a live chat so you can ask questions during the show
  • You can interact with other listeners in the chat room during the show
  • We’ll have a video feed so you can watch us live and see our smiling faces
  • You can chat with us before and after the show
  • You’ll still have the podcast available for download later if you miss the show

If we don’t do a live show, it’s business as usual where you’ll listen to us after we record and you won’t get to watch us interact on your screen. So what do you think? Should we go live? Should we do one episode live or start a new live series? What day and time works best?

We need your feedback, so leave a comment below and let us know what you think. If we get no feedback, we’ll just continue with the business as usual routine. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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