Love Drop August 2011

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05 Aug Love Drop August 2011

the Love Drop

This month the Love Drop team is working with two of the sweetest sisters you’ll ever meet. Lucy was a healthy young woman until last fall, when she discovered that she had aplastic anemia, a very rare, life-threatening disease. A bone marrow transplant is Lucy’s best chance for survival, and her sister Tracy is a perfect match. These two women and their family are sticking together and working through the toughest time of their young lives, so this month we want to join forces with them and provide six months of insurance payments for Lucy, for a total of $3,000. As a thank-you to our team, the family will be sending out special “Lucy” bracelets to anyone who gives $25 or more.

Watch the video to truly get a feel for Lucy’s ordeal. I really felt for the dad in this video. Have the tissues ready when you watch it!

You can head over to Love Drop to learn more and check out the intro video for Lucy and her family. Gonna be a good month, guys!

Where do your donations go? In late June/early July the Love Drop team gave over $5,000 worth of cash and goods to the Aubin family, who was struggling financially after the passing of their dad.

Last month they headed down to Atlanta to help Felicity, a little 4-year-old girl who was just diagnosed with brain cancer. Felicity had immediate surgery and is currently undergoing aggressive radiation treatments for the remaining portion of her tumor. The goal was to raise money to help with medical bills and other costs associated with her treatment. The drop is about to happen, so head on over to the site to see how it went!

The Love Drop team has given out over $45,000 in the past 6 months, and show no signs of stopping. If you know of anyone yourself that could use their help, make sure to let them know.

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