Love Drop June 2011: the Aubin Family

15 Jun Love Drop June 2011: the Aubin Family

Spend a dollar, change a life

We’re proud to announce the Financial Excellence team has joined a program called Love Drop. It’s an organization set up to help families in need. Essentially they drop a little love on the families when they need it most.

Each month brings a new family with a different need. As part of our commitment to joining the Love Drop movement, we’ll be sharing each family’s story every month so you can get a feel for what they’re going through. If you feel the need to share some love, you can donate a little money to help that family. If you don’t feel like sharing some money, please include them in your prayers.

This month we’re helping the Aubin Family. Their father and husband recently passed away from medical complications. While they’re going through the grieving process, they’re faced with financial pressure. Believe me, when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, that’s the worst possible time to be facing financial burden.

So we’re raising $3,600 to help them with their rent for the next three months so they can focus on some of the other things happening right now. If we can give them some rent relief, we can help them get through the grieving process with a little less stress and take care of some other expenses for a short period of time.

Watch their story in the video below.

Read more about the Aubin family at

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