Money Smart Week 2011: Take Advantage of Free Classes

Money Smart Week Wisconsin 2011

07 Oct Money Smart Week 2011: Take Advantage of Free Classes

Money Smart Week Wisconsin 2011

Money Smart Week is here again! As in the past, it is time for financial professionals across the state of Wisconsin (and a few other states) to come together and offer free financial classes open to the public. Money Smart Week is a wonderful program that has spurred positive changes in local communities for several years, and I’m proud to be a part of it every year.

But there are some changes in the works. This year is a scaled back version of the week-long offering of free financial classes throughout the community. The Federal Reserve is making a much larger push for financial literacy at the national level, and the program is moving to April 2012. We’ll see a much larger marketing campaign and much more involvement from communities and financial professionals nationwide.

This is a good thing, but where does that leave us for 2011? Well, many communities have opted to not host any classes, and instead focus a larger effort on the 2012 program. Here in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin we’ve elected to be one of the few communities hosting Money Smart Week in 2011.

The details (find out more at

  • Money Smart Week 2011 runs from October 8-15.
  • Sheboygan County classes are offered October 10-13.
  • My first class is “Budgeting Techniques that Actually Work” at the LTC Sheboygan Campus, 3620 Wilgus Ave (Sheboygan). Class goes from 6:15-7:15.
  • My second class is “What you Don’t Know is Costing you Million$” at the Plymouth Intergenerational Center, 1500 Douglas Drive (Plymouth). This class is also from 6:15-7:15.
  • Sheboygan County has a total of 12 classes (way less than normal) this fall, but you can expect a ton in April.

Readers: are you taking advantage of any free financial classes in your area? What are you doing to get better with your finances?


  • retirebyforty
    Posted at 14:22h, 07 October

    I am way too busy to take advantage of the free classes right now. Hopefully, things will calm down a bit next year. Great classes in your area!

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 14:53h, 07 October

      I know the feeling. I’d like to attend some of the classes when I’m not teaching but it doesn’t look like I’ll have a chance.

  • Aaron Hung
    Posted at 09:15h, 11 October

    There are some free classes at my gym that I go to every so often to try and keep in shape. It’s fun though and good workout 😀

    • Matt Wegner
      Posted at 14:02h, 11 October

      That’s the other thing I need to do. Whip my body back into shape. I should pay as much attention to my health as I do to my finances but I haven’t been…