Negotiating for a Better Job Offer

18 Nov Negotiating for a Better Job Offer

I’m excited as I right this. I’m excited because of what the implications are…

I’ve got a good friend (and a client) who is in the process of negotiating a job offer over the next few days.

Negotiating is the most exciting part of the job search process (in my opinion). :)

Often, people undervalue what they are worth…what they can contribute to a company. As potential employees, we forget how hard it is for employers to find good employees.

Here’s some things that we often fail to see as valuable for potential employers:
*People Skills
*Entrepreneurial Skills

Do you realize how valuable these are for companies?

People Skills: If you’ve got good ones, you’re better than 50% of the people that work for companies in the world. I know too many companies that have employees that really don’t give a crap about people….and it shows.

Entrepreneurial skills: If you’ve got experience in owning your own full-time or part-time business, you’ve developed some skills that more than 90% of employees don’t have. You’ve likely got skills in marketing, sales, pricing – and a whole host of other things. Many people have just shown up to their cubicle…worked their shift…then ‘get the heck out of Dodge’.

Drive: Having the drive to pursue sales leads…the drive to do your job with excellence…the drive to follow-up with customers. Also incredibly valuable to good companies…

Consistency: As sad as it is….if you just show up on a regular basis…and are consistent in how you do your job, you’ll be head and shoulders above most employees.

Do you offer these (and other) skills to a potential employer?

These skills in the right setting could be worth an additional 5000, 10,000, or even 20,000 to the right employer. And…a good company will pay for these and other valuable skills.

Are you worth more than you realize?

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