Networking…INSIDE Your Company

21 Oct Networking…INSIDE Your Company

Just because you want a change doesn’t mean you have to leave…

That’s right. Sometimes, the best opportunities are right there in front of you…in the company that you already work for.

If you’ve done quality work in your current role, it’s likely that you’d be considered for other roles as well.

Let’s look at a current example of someone that we work closely with:

He likes the company he works for.
He’s got a very positive relationship with his boss.
He’s able to live out his core values with this company.
He’s interested in a change…but not because of any negative reasons

He works as a sales rep and does some training ‘on the side’. He’s done more and more training for his customers over the past 15 months. And…he’s been successful with it.

Suddenly, positions are coming open in his current company in the training department. This is after he’s expressed interest to the right people for the past few months. His name came up first.

He’ll interview in a few days for the position.

Will he get it?

I don’t know. But…in this situation…it’s the right thing to stay with the same company.

And…it might be the right situation for you….

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