No Credit Cards for the Month of June!

31 May No Credit Cards for the Month of June!

Can you last a month without credit cards?

Here at the Financial Excellence Headquarters, we’re announcing a war on the status quo of our lives. We’re challenging everyone we know to do something totally weird and not use a credit card for an entire month. For some in our audience this will be an easy task. For others, this will require a significant show of personal discipline.

So the challenge is simply to not use your credit card. Write a check, pay cash, or as a last resort use a debit card. There are so many skeptics out there that think it’s impossible to live in today’s world without a credit card, and we want to show the world it can be done. Take a stand against debt and join the challenge.

We want to hear your feedback about the challenge, too. Is it hard to go without credit for a month? Is it easy? How is the process going for you? Leave a comment below this post and let us know how the challenge is going for you.

Just one rule before we start: have fun! Do you think you can make it??