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26 Oct Myths vs. Truths: The Truth About Credit Card Rewards

Credit Cards Going Down the Drain Myth: Credit Card Rewards are a smart way to build your credit score and to earn something back while spending. Truth: You end up spending more money to earn your Credit Car Rewards than the reward is worth. The first red flag with this myth involves what used to be the most common reward system for your card: airline miles. Did you know that 75% of rewarded airline miles are never redeemed? We Americans can justify some pretty outrageous spending in the name of earning our free plane ticket that we aren't going to use. And even if you try to use them, so many restrictions apply that it becomes next to impossible to actually redeem the reward. So we switch to other rewards, like cash back and call ourselves smart because of all the money we're earning back. But the sad reality here is when we pay with plastic we end up spending 12-18% more than if we had paid with cash.
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26 Oct I’m No Guru

Content is everywhere. So-called “experts” are everywhere. How do you know who’s worthy of your precious time and money? I know that just about any type of information can be found on Google for free. Heck, we’ve all gone that route for information, research, etc....

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21 Oct Networking…INSIDE Your Company

Just because you want a change doesn’t mean you have to leave… That’s right. Sometimes, the best opportunities are right there in front of you…in the company that you already work for. If you’ve done quality work in your current role, it’s likely that you’d...

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