Financial Excellence

01 Sep 023 Financial Excellence: Follow Your Calling & Start a Business

  Living In Financial Excellence Living In Financial Excellence Episode 23: Following Your Calling, Starting a Business, Pursuing Your Dreams, Sept 1, 2010. After talking about preparing for a job loss in Episode 21 and job search technique that work in Episode 22, we feel it necessary to pursue the least commonly discussed option: starting your own business and pursuing your passion(s). Show notes: - We spent time this weekend with drummer Jeff Jones from one of our favorite bands, Big Daddy Weave (talk about a career that literally rocks). Aside from touring with the band, Jeff has a lot of cool business irons in the fire and they're all exciting. Check out his website, to see how he is following his calling in life. - What were you put on this earth to do? How are you using your talents to fulfill that calling?
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27 Aug Work Teams With Different Personality Types

There they were – 8 people in one place. They were all different…very different. But…that’s a good thing. It was last week in Nebraska that I met these folks. They own a medium-sized agricultural business. And…they are very successful…. But – there are times when...

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25 Aug 022 Financial Excellence: Job Search Techniques that Work

  Living In Financial Excellence Living In Financial Excellence Episode 22: Job search techniques that actually work, Aug 25, 2010. Last week we talked about preparing financially for a job loss, so this week we talk about taking the next step and planning the next step in your career search. Show notes: - The importance of following the career that you're made to do. - Knowing yourself is key to finding the right career path as well as succeeding in the interview process. We've used the DISC personality profile in our career process as well as in improving our marriage.
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