Financial Excellence

15 Apr Don’t wait for the perfect solution to get started

As many of you know, I recently launched a weekly podcast on my website. I am learning a ton about recording, editing and web publishing, and IDecisions know I still have a ton to learn. I realized my experience over the last few weeks was much like personal finance. I waited for a long time to start because I wanted to have all the pieces in place. I finally realized that no matter how long I waited I was going to make mistakes anyway. So I jumped in and started producing a show, knowing that as I learned I could improve the show. The bottom line was I needed to provide good content that's of use to my audience (you) and the longer I waited, the longer I was withholding information from listeners.
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08 Apr The Dark Side of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

There is a sad phenomenon in America today. Even when life is good and blessings are handed to you, you still have to be smart about how you manage those blessings. And sometimes the blessings can cause more harm than good. Check out this video about the dark side of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. While the show is intended to bring joy and blessings to people's lives, there is a dark and sad side to some of the recipients involved. When you take someone who doesn't have sound financial management skills or habits and you give them a windfall, you are not blessing them.
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06 Apr Free Credit Reports Now Required to be…Free?

I know, it's confusing. As of April 1st, the government is requiring FREE credit reports to be, well, FREE. Why do they have to do that? Actually it's quite simple. For several years you've been bombarded by commercials promoting "free" credit reports that were really just trial versions of a credit monitoring system. Websites like would lure you in with catchy advertising and a free credit report but you had to sign up for a trial period of their other services. It's now illegal for these sites to do this, which is the government's way to protect you from harming yourself.
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