Party Decorations on a Budget

01 Jun Party Decorations on a Budget

I made these pretty pastel pom poms for my sister’s baby shower. I must admit that I was very lucky to have found lots of Easter tissue paper on clearance for 50% off at AC Moore. From each batch of tissue paper I purchased at $1.79 – I was able to make 4 pom poms. (used 8 sheets per pom pom)

I made about 12 large pom poms and  6 small ones from the tissue paper trimmings.
They looked so pretty and everyone made comments on how cute everything looked.

tip: If you know you’ll be celebrating a bridal shower, baby shower, child’s birthday (you get the idea)

be on the look out for the after Easter sales for plain pastel colored items, such as tissue paper, clear bags for gift baskets, ribbon, paper grass, paper cups, plates, etc. Or stock up for next year’s Easter hunt decorations.

You will save anywhere from 50 to 75% and use coupons to save even more!

hanging buckets aka shower game gifts

purchased both buckets at a garage sale for .50 cents each and the ribbon was also a garage sale find.
The gifts were items I had in my stockpile which i was able to get close to free with my coupons.
 Here is how you can do it yourself!

A Martha Stewart DIY

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

1. Start with about 8 – 14 sheets of tissue paper

2. Fold the tissue accordion style at a width of one to two inches.

3. Tie a piece of floral wire/ribbon around the center of the folded tissue

4. Trim the edges in a curve or in points.

5. Spread the folds apart starting at the floral wire or string.

6. Fluff up the layers one at a time. Be very gentle, the can tear easily.

7. Hang it and make some more 🙂

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Thank you for reading and remember to look into Craigslist as well as the Classified section of the newspaper for a list of Garage Sales, Moving and Estate Sales.

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